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Known and less known face and body cosmetics

Cosmetic procedures, known since antiquity, are simple, pleasant, and carry a lot of good for the skin and body for both ladies and gentlemen. The spectrum of activities is so wide, and the range of treatments offered by beauty salons ( beauty salon Warsaw ) so extensive that we are slowly starting to get lost with all types of activities. Whether the strange-sounding names of cosmetic procedures are just additional treatments we don’t need or actually revolutionary tools that not only give us a lot of pleasure, they are also able to improve the appearance of our body.


One of the most popular of cosmetic procedures . It involves mechanical abrasion of skin layers with special diamond heads. Microdermabrasion is most often used in people who have problems with acne and with tired and dull skin, and with a large number of blackheads. The treatment will thoroughly cleanse the skin of any impurities, as well as rejuvenate and reduce fine wrinkles. After such a cosmetic procedure, all moisturizing creams and masks are literally drawn into the skin and react very nicely to them.

Facial electrocoagulation

It is a cosmetic treatment for people of all ages and involves the removal of skin lesions using high frequency current. During the conduction of electricity through tissues, there is coagulation, i.e. the shearing of the protein contained in the tissues of skin lesions, e.g. warts or ruby ​​points. The rejuvenating treatment is not painful, however it can cause an unpleasant feeling.

Body massage

Sometimes confused with physiotherapy, full body massage is extremely relaxing and focuses on the back, legs, arms and neck. Such massage usually lasts about an hour and thanks to it you will get rid of muscle pain, stress and tension. For the first time, a Swedish massage is recommended, which is mild and extremely relaxing. As a cosmetic treatment , apart from classic massage, a relaxing massage or anti-cellulite massage is also used. It is made, for example, with a Chinese bubble. After a series of treatments, the skin becomes visibly taut and firmer, and cellulite is definitely less visible. For sure, every beautician ( beautician fancy ) will recommend a massage suitable for you.

Rejuvenating lifting threads

Their task is to make the skin undergoing this treatment stretched and smooth. Applied to the face, it is able, for example, to improve the shape of the eyebrow arch, model the jaw. On the body, this cosmetic procedure is used to firm the bust. The treatment involves inserting a thread under the skin with a needle that gives the right shape and maintains critical spots.

Vampire facelift

It belongs to the list of unusual cosmetic procedures. Despite the frightening description, it is gaining a growing number of lovers, thanks to the natural, spectacular effect, comparable with Botox, on injecting a concentrate of its own platelet-rich plasma with the patient. This rejuvenating facial treatment allows you to fill in wrinkles and stimulates the reconstruction of flabby or damaged skin due to the production of new collagen and blood vessels. The effects are visible immediately after the first treatment.

Cosmetic procedures for hands and feet

Cosmetic procedures for hands and feet are very important for women. Hands are a showcase of a man and show both age and body care. A well-known cosmetic procedure for the hands is a paraffin bath. Thanks to the properties of paraffin, dry skin after the treatment is perfectly moisturized and smooth. In SPA salons, we can perform a sugar peeling that gently exfoliates the skin, giving your hands silky smoothness. Active substances contained in the mask, combined with moisturizing ampoules releasing water, strongly regenerate the skin of the hands. intervention

Everyday taking care of your feet is one of the basic points of the day. Sometimes we can’t deal with exfoliating epidermis on our feet or cracked heels alone. Then cosmetic treatments such as pedicures are in a hurry . The pedicure includes exfoliation of the epidermis of the feet, removal of the cuticles and massaging the cream. Such a cosmetic procedure is completed by painting nails with colored varnishes or conditioners.

Facial volumetry

This popular rejuvenating facial treatment is usually based on hyaluronic or polylactic acid. It is introduced under the skin to fill wrinkles, raise cheeks or tighten tissues. The effect is immediate, because the preparation starts working immediately. Volumetry is a very popular procedure not only for women over 40, but also for those who want to shape the face oval.

Cosmetic procedures performed both at home and in beauty salons allow the skin to get a radiant look. Additional support for this largest organ in our body should come from the food provided to the body. Let’s not forget about proper hydration of the skin, which will make it more tense and firm. We can moisturize it from the outside, using creams and oils, and from the inside, drinking the right amount of water.